“Catalyzing the Global Dialogue”, Winner of the World Economic Forum Data Visualization Challenge for Visualizing.org, November 2010. In collaboration with Clint Beharry, Gene Lu, Tina Ye and Yang Yang.


The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils are tasked with tackling the world’s thorniest issues. This past November, the 72 councils comprised of 700 thought leaders from academia, business, government and society convened for the Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai. Using data derived from a survey of these experts, we were asked to create a data visualization that would help elucidate the interconnectedness among issues, highlight the emerging clusters and catalyse dialogue at the Summit between the Councils.


As modern 21st century issues become increasingly complex and interconnected, these council members need to navigate an abundance of complex information. “Catalyzing the Global Dialogue” sought to address this pressing reality and assist in elucidating a systemic view of both the Summit and the Global Agenda Councils themselves. It is through recognizing and embracing systemic thinking that true and effective dialogue can occur.

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Hover over a council name to see the connections between councils. Click on a council name to see its relationships to other councils highlighted. Hover over a speech bubble icon to view related comments.