“MarkIt, a Greenmarket Companion” Prototyping User Experiences with Robert Fabricant, Josh Musick, Clay Wiedemann, and Jeff Hoefs, Spring 2011. In collaboration with Adjoa Opoku and Tina Ye.


Pick a public space in New York, observe and identify problems. Using insights from the journey maps, pick an interaction and tell the story through a user journey prototype and video.


After having completed our user journey maps of the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC, we met as a group to discuss potential areas of interest in moving forward. We settled on bridging a shopper’s knowledge gap and facilitating the interaction between shopper and farmer. We then ideated as a group, arriving at a companion device specially created for the Greenmarket. Since rapid iteration and exploring video as a prototyping tool were the focus of this phase, we quickly moved into production by creating a script, identifying a target user, and creating a scenario.¬†Finally, we paper prototyped the device around the framework of our created scenario and arrived at “MarkIt”, an interactive companion for shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket.


Take a look at our user journey video (after three iterations):


The initial device was a single use, foldable tablet that hung on the fridge and could then be taken to the market. In the end, we ran into some initial difficulty with the specifics of the device, along with technological feasibility in the near future. As a result, we modified our device to become a family/home-based tablet that could then sync with a smartphone and be used in a more intuitive mode while at the market.

And if we had to do another video iteration, we’d probably try to pare down our use cases and focus in on just two or three interactions.