“Thrive”, in collaboration with Michael Yap and Tina Ye. Design Management with Karen McGrane, Fall 2011.


As a team, we were challenged to propose a solution for empowering patients to make lasting lifestyle changes and be supported through a network of nurses and health coaches. In response, our team proposed Thrive.

Thrive is a networked health platform that seamlessly integrates digital products in people’s everyday lives for a healthier future.

As Studio Thread, our approach to the proposal comprises of systems design that takes a holistic perspective on health, meaningful data visualization, and rapid prototyping to fully understand user needs.


Thrive was designed with three characteristics in mind:


Re-imagining “health devices” as “life devices” by embedding digital interventions into the fabric of people’s everyday lives.

What if health were normalized to be an everyday consideration, meeting you wherever you are? Looking further, we imagine health to be aspirational.

Intimacy and Trust

Building mutual trust, support, and accountability through the curation of small groups of people with similar needs.

The core of Thrive’s social model is small groups of 8-10 participants, each moderated by a health coach. The small size encourages the creation of a loyal circle of people who can always rely on one another for answers, support, and advice.


Gaining clarity about one’s health through data tracking, self-reporting, visualizations, and predictive algorithms to anticipate future health milestones and concerns.

Thrive combines the “hard data” of monitoring devices like the tracker with the “soft data” of self-reporting. This creates a complete picture of participants’ health. Seeing one’s data gives participants a sense of empowerment and ownership over their wellness futures, while also enabling more effective conversations with health professionals.

Together, Thrive is about people first and patients second.