Dave and I are swapping advice this week: His advice on branding for my advice on wireframes. Today, he let me in on his amazing branding process–and thanks to him–I’m finally out of my branding rut!

Last week, I landed on something like this…

But with Dave’s help, I took a font that I liked and started to play around with it. He suggested that I use a framework similar to the one I use when creating a CSS stylesheet: Identify a display, header, subheader, body copy, etc. Sounds logical enough, and yet, I never thought to approach it that way… and it did the trick!

Also, in our Thesis Roundtables on Wednesday, Chloe suggested incorporating the “ellipsis” into the logo itself. Taking both suggestions, this is what I landed on:

Once I had the base solidified, I tried applying the three color palettes that are in consideration:

Neons! I'm excited to see how neons will work as accents.

No neons here but still vibrant and warm?

No neons here but still vibrant and warm?

And something a bit softer?

I’m leaning toward the neons right now. Strangely, any time someone looks at my palettes, they favor the neons as well. It seems to balance the serif-y font with enough strength and vibrancy. I’m hoping that with just a few more tweaks, I can finally move forward with the branded kit and prototypes.