Just before I stood in front of my classmates to pitch my rough narrative last week, I changed my working title from “ellipsis” to “ipsis”. It’s still a working title, but I have a far more enjoyable time saying “ipsis”.

And, with that, a few more branding explorations using “ipsis”. Yes, I hand created these, and yes, branding is still not my forte. :)

I was going for more of a handwritten look. Something to evoke the “personal touch” that the kits necessitate. And a continuous line to hint at the continuous conversation.

The thing is… earlier on in my thesis process, I talked about using branding and tone that was anything but the girly, frilly, frolicking-in-the-pasture imagery that mainstream sanitary brands love to promote. And yet, I notice that my designs are within that realm. It’s not to say that feminine qualities are bad–They’re certainly not. I’m just not sure if I should take this branding in a very humorous and kick-ass direction, or be chic without overtly frilly.

Which brings up Poop Strong, a site that takes a humorous approach to a serious situation. The branding serves to make it easier for people to talk about a potentially awkward or unmentionable topic.

And then, taking the bold and vibrant notes from Poop Strong, I veered back to the neons that I originally played with.