We had a second Thesis Roundtable session this week. Guest critics were Chloe, David Womack, and Tamara Giltsoff. A really interesting mix that pushed us to look at our projects from both a micro and macro level.

A few things to think about on my end (along with where or how I could address them):

  • Focus on the setup and gifting experience while the user journey could focus on the receiving end of the experience.
  • Incorporate more tips, tactical actions, and learning opportunities for the girl. The app for the girl, especially because it can be far more timely.
  • Could there be a community aspect to deciding what should be in the kits? The app for the mother, maybe she could share her kits and learn from others?
  • Address the future of this service without necessarily building it out–It’s a lifelong journey and I need to really emphasize this. Will need to emphasize this in my presentation.
  • Make the experience as real as possible (i.e. prototype, see how others would use it). Currently trying!
  • The challenge is more than just the idea, it’s to make the service feel like it’s the beginning of a movement. Via the presentation and User Journey video?

That last bit is certainly intimidating… but exciting to hear. This question came up during the feedback that I want to always remember for my thesis:

How do you design a service that lasts a lifetime?