It’s been awhile.

I seemingly dropped off the face of the earth as soon as my thesis was complete. I took some time to travel, do non "thesisy" things, and learn how to function on a semi-normal schedule again.

Making It Real

After getting my app prototypes to a fairly okay place, I decided to switch gears and concentrate on prototyping the kit. Having real and physical constraints outside of my control are influencing my design principles.

Native Prototyping

I've turned my wireframes into clickable prototypes within their native environments, so that I can really understand the experience and what truly doesn't work.

Week 28: Roundtables Take Two

We had a second Thesis Roundtable session this week. Guest critics were a really interesting mix that pushed us to look at our projects from both a micro and macro level.

Another Branding Iteration

Dave and I are swapping advice this week: His advice on branding for my advice on wireframes. Today, he let me in on his amazing branding process–and thanks to him–I'm finally out of my branding rut!

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